What is Herbal Medicine?

 In Herbalism the whole plant is used to make medicine. Orthodox medicines are often made from plants too, but there the isolated plant chemical constituent is extracted and used alone, or synthesised to make a copy.

Plant extracts and materials are used to treat a wide range of conditions from acute ailments to chronic illnesses in a holistic way.

I offer consultations to people looking to improve their health, maintain wellness and treat illness using herbal medicine as an alternative more natural and gentle treatment, which can be in the form of liquid tincture medicine, herbal capsules or teas, and can often be used alongside orthodox medicine in many cases. I have a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine and make many of my own medicines from plants I grow, or gather from the wild. I maintain my own  herbal pharmacy dispensary and once someone has seen me for the first consultation, they remain on my register and can request tailor made herbal blends for any ailment at any time. 
I specialise in making creams, ointments and lotions and also make a range of botanical skincare under the name of Green Wyse where I offer online shopping www.greenwyse.co.uk  I run my clinic on Wednesdays and Saturdays when people can book in for a consultation at Castle Circus House, Torquay.

Each medicine is tailor made to suit the individual, and as such two persons with the same condition may be given different medicine. Herbal medicine may often be taken alongside orthodox medication depending on the type, and knowledge of how medicines interact in the body is an important part of training in herbal medicine.

Appointments are available with Dawn at The Hawthorn Practice, Castle Circus House, Torquay.

If you are not sure whether herbal medicine can help you, please ring for a free 5 minute health advice chat on 07962 664294.